Melbourne resident travels to Clatterbridge Private Clinic for pioneering cancer treatment

Clatterbridge Private Clinic is one of a limited number of dedicated cancer facilities in the UK, offering patients access to specialist, integrated cancer services, including a range of Chemotherapy services and Radiotherapy services such as, Brachytherapy, Proton Therapy and Papillon Therapy. We welcome patients from across the country and further afield, who chose to visit us to access these pioneering treatments.
Forty-five year old Dave Kitto, from Melbourne, Australia is one of the international patients who has used the services at Clatterbridge Private Clinic.
Dave was diagnosed with rectal cancer in October 2014. After five weeks of chemotherapy and 28 rounds of external beam radiotherapy in Australia, Dave started to research alternative treatments.
Dave said: “After my diagnosis I became frustrated and depressed. I started to wonder if I could have looked after myself better, and why this had happened to me. My beautiful wife Julie was hugely supportive and as I came to terms with the diagnosis, I still couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I may need surgery, which would mean leading the rest of my life with a colostomy bag. I wasn’t ready for my life to change so drastically, at the age of 45.
“As I researched alternatives, I came across bowel cancer survivor, Mark Davies, who had written a book called Saving My Arse. His experience was very similar to my own so I tracked him down and exchanged some life-changing emails with him, during which he introduced me to his clinician, Professor Myint, who practices at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Clatterbridge Private Clinic, in Wirral.”
Following treatment in Australia, it was unfortunately discovered that Dave’s tumour was still present, at which point he was referred to Professor Myint at Clatterbridge Private Clinic, for Papillon treatment, which is a form of contact radiotherapy for the treatment of early rectal tumours.
Dave continued: “We quickly prepared for the trip to the UK and spent four weeks in the country, during which I met Mark. I underwent two courses of Papillon treatment with Professor Myint and I am now in partial remission. I can’t thank Professor Myint and Mark enough for the role they are playing in my recovery. The trip to the UK for private cancer treatment was a small price to pay for the second chance I have been given.”
Clatterbridge was the first centre in the UK to offer Papillon treatment for bowel and rectal cancers, with Professor Myint leading the way in the treatment’s roll out across the UK, offering training schools for other clinicians on site in Wirral.
Professor Myint adds, “It’s important that patients with early stage rectal cancers understand that they have a choice of treatment paths available to them and that access to private medical care is available in the UK.
“The Papillon treatment allows patients to have a better quality of life as they don’t require major surgery. The procedure itself takes a matter of minutes. Myself and the specialist team at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Clatterbridge Private Clinic have worked hard to enable Papillon to be recognised as a revolutionary form of treatment for rectal cancers and the increasing number of patients we are treating demonstrates we’re well on the way to doing this. We are also working with specialists from centres in both the UK and around the world to deliver training on equipment and showcase the benefits of using the treatment.”
Papillon treatment has recently been recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), who have approved and issued guidance for its use in the treatment of early-stage rectal cancers for which surgery is not clinically indicated.
Dr Shaun Tolan, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Clatterbridge Private Clinic added: “We’ve seen an increase in international patients travelling to our clinic for treatment, thanks to the world-renowned reputation of our clinicians.”
For more information about treatment at Clatterbridge Private Clinic contact the patient liaison team on 0151 4827863.