Proton Eye Beam Therapy

Proton beam therapy is a ground-breaking eye cancer treatment which in the UK, can only be found in Clatterbridge.

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How does Proton Eye Beam Therapy work?

The treatment produces low energy protons which are specifically suited to treating tumours of the eye. Different from other radiotherapy methods, the energy of the beam stops at a specified depth within the body, allowing healthy tissue beyond the beam to be spared from any potential side effects.

We are specifically concerned with treating cancers of the eye. The most common lesions we treat are choroidal melanomas (malignant growth of the inside lining of the eye), but we also treat choroidal haemangiomas (spread of rogue blood vessels), iris melanomas (melanomas in the coloured part of your eye) and conjunctival melanomas (melanomas on the white of the eye and lid).

The treatment works by sterilising the tumour cells so that they can no longer grow. The results vary depending on the size and position of the lesion but for small lesions particularly, the success rate is extremely high. The peculiarity of proton beams - specifically the precisely-controlled way they reach the tumour and then fall off sharply – is used to limit or indeed avoid damage to any critical tissue close to the tumour.

Clatterbridge accepts referrals from four specialist hospitals in Liverpool (St Paul’s Eye Unit), London (Moorfields Eye Hospital), Sheffield (Royal Hallamshire Hospital) and Glasgow (Gartnavel General Hospital), plus international referrals directly to the clinic.

We work together to combine the highest levels of consultant-led care and patient choice with the most advanced knowledge and understanding of the disease and its forms.

Q. Is Proton Eye Therapy better than traditional radiation?

A. For cancers of the eye yes, as it is more targeted meaning there’s less damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

Q. What side-effects can I expect?

A. Side-effects vary based on the type of cancer and its stage. Some side-effects could include fluid leakage from the tumour, loss of lashes, eye dryness or cataract.

Q. Will I be radioactive after the treatment?

A. No, radiation is given externally so you will not be radioactive after the treatment and can interact with people as normal.

Q. Is Proton Eye Therapy painful?

A. No, the therapy itself only takes 30 seconds and doesn’t cause any pain.

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