Papillon Therapy

Papillon Therapy

Papillon Therapy is an innovative way

of treating rectal cancer.

How Does Papillon Therapy Work?

Papillon Therapy is an innovative way of treating rectal cancer. This type of treatment is usually recommended for patients who are either deemed unfit for surgery to remove the cancer, or do not want to be left with a colostomy.

The first step of the treatment involves locating the cancer using an internal camera. An applicator is then placed into the rectum, delivering low energy x-rays to within a few millimetres of the tumour.  This treatment takes only about a minute to complete and is repeated two weeks later. Papillon therapy also doesn’t require a general anaesthetic.

Clatterbridge was the first clinic in the UK to offer this treatment for bowel and rectal cancers. This ground-breaking technique was developed by French Doctor, Professor Papillon, and was then introduced to the UK by Professor Myint. Over the years, Professor Myint has trained many UK doctors and still treats patients at the Papillon centre at Clatterbridge.


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