Meet the team: Claire Higham, Senior Chemotherapy Nurse 

Hi, my name is Claire, and I am the Senior Chemotherapy Nurse at the Clatterbridge Private Clinic.

Photograph of Claire Higham, Senior Chemotherapy Nurse at the Clatterbridge Private Clinic.

I have worked at the Clatterbridge Private Clinic for two years. Previously, I worked delivering Chemotherapy at Clatterbridge for the NHS. Whilst working on the chemotherapy treatment unit, I was approached to consider the position I currently hold in the Private Clinic and came to investigate. I instantly loved the clinic and applied right away. I ultimately got the job, and here I am two years later, still in love with the place.

My role at the Clinic involves managing our patient caseload and the delivery of all anti-cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy. As I hold a senior role, it is also my job to manage our staff, as well as keep the clinic running day to day through operational management, which includes tasks such as rostering and ordering treatments.

The part of my job I love the most is developing such close relationships with the people we treat. We are so lucky to have more time in the Private Clinic to spend with our patients and relatives that we get to know each other so well. This allows us to be able to offer not only physical but also emotional support on an ongoing basis. As the team is small, patients get to know everyone who works here, so they get continuity throughout treatment and always see a friendly face and someone they can chat to. The environment in the Private Clinic is so calming and welcoming that most people actually enjoy coming, and I really enjoy working in it.

One of my favourite memories so far whilst working at the Private Clinic is when one of our patients who is an air hostess surprised me on a flight with a thank you card and complimentary refreshments for me and my family. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that I even cried! It just goes to show the impact you have and how important those little acts of kindness are to our patients. Delivering excellent cancer care is what we pride ourselves on here at The Clatterbridge Private Clinic, going above and beyond to make our patients feel comfortable and ensure they and their families are well looked after, as well as delivering cutting-edge treatments, many of which aren’t available in other clinics.

Private cancer care at the Clatterbridge Private Clinic

Here at Clatterbridge Private Clinic, we provide expert cancer care tailored to your specific needs in a modern and calming environment. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and need treatment, you can ask to be referred to Clatterbridge Private Clinic for your treatment. Your treatment will be provided by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team, which is made up of expert consultants who specialise in treating a range of cancers and specialist nurses such as Claire, who can provide a range of innovative treatments to patients and ensure they receive the very best cancer care and feel relaxed and comfortable.

To find out more about private cancer care at the Clatterbridge Private Clinic, get in touch with our friendly team today at 0151 556 5391 or email us at