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Chemotherapy involves the use of cytoxic (anti-cancer)

drugs to destroy cancer cells in the body by slowing the

growth of cancer cells or stopping it altogether.

How Does Chemotherapy Work?

Chemotherapy is a form of treatment which uses drugs to destroy cancer cells in the body by stopping or slowing their growth. This type of treatment can cause damage to healthy cells such as the cells in your intestines or the cells which cause your hair to grow. While damaging healthy cells can cause some side effects, this goes away once the treatment is complete.

Chemotherapy treats cancers in different ways. It all depends on your type of cancer and the stage. Chemotherapy generally cures cancer by destroying cancerous cells completely, or controls the cancer by stopping it from spreading to other areas of the body or slowing its growth. This treatment can also be used to ease cancer symptoms, for example by shrinking tumours which are causing discomfort.

Chemotherapy is often used in conjunction with other cancer treatments. For example, it may be used to shrink the cancer before it’s removed using surgery or radiotherapy. It can also be used to prevent cancer from returning. While you may have had all visible cancer removed, sometimes microscopic, undetectable amounts can remain. Chemotherapy helps ensure the cancer is completely gone.

Chemotherapy can be given as tablets, but it’s most commonly administered by a drip into a vein. The cytoxic drugs enter the bloodstream and travel through the body to treat cancer cells.

How will I feel during Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy affects people in different ways, and no two experiences will be the same. It all depends on your type of cancer and what stage you’re at, the dosage you’re receiving and your general health before treatment. So, you could get some side-effects, or none at all.


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