Liverpool Mum is Inspiring Fellow Cancer Patients with Wellbeing Initiative

Inspiring Clatterbridge Private cancer patient

Liverpool Mum is Inspiring Fellow Cancer Patients with Wellbeing Initiative

Inspirational mum-of-two Natasha Grindley from Liverpool, a patient at Clatterbridge Private Clinic, has turned her cancer diagnosis into a positive cause for change. The 37-year-old was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer 18 months ago and is currently undergoing treatment with Dr Raj Sripadam. Based on her own experience, she established Facebook page ‘Heal for Real’ to share her story. Through the page, Natasha shares information and advice on how patients can help their bodies through diet and exercise whilst undergoing treatment. After discovering a new passion for how food can affect the body, she studied for a Diploma in Nutrition, which she gained earlier this year.

Following a wave of support from people worldwide, the 37-year-old now has plans to turn ‘Heal for Real’ into a website offering an online portal for nutritional information and wants to roll-out other patient support initiatives across the country.

She explains: “My diagnosis was tough but meeting my oncologist, Dr Sripadam at Clatterbridge Private Clinic gave me real hope. He was really understanding and calmed me down, making my situation a lot clearer. He made it very easy to understand all of the treatment options available to me, which were many, and helped me to decide the best route to go down. Within a week I started chemotherapy.

“Before my diagnosis, my diet was dreadful. I was given a guarded prognosis but with two young children to think about, I wanted to give my body the best chance I could possibly give it whilst I was having treatment and so I started reading up on ways that I could help myself as I underwent the chemo.

“I started to change what I ate, cutting out sugar, processed foods and introducing foods with high levels of alkalinity. I noticed big improvements in the way I felt. I set up a Facebook page, ‘Heal for Real’ to share my findings.  It began to gain momentum and followers from across that world, who were all interested in what I was doing. It was then that I decided to go even further, gaining a Diploma in Nutrition earlier this year.

“Nutrition and wellbeing are close to my heart. During such a difficult time of my life, knowing I’m making a difference to other people is spurring me to carry on. There is so much more I can do and learn and I’m constantly looking for new things to share. I’m working on turning ‘Heal for Real’ into a website.

“My treatment is continuing and new options are becoming available all of the time, which Dr Sripadam is on top of. I’m confident that the prognosis will be good. I have a great support network, with my family, friends, all of the chemotherapy nurses around me and my supporters online who are all playing a part in my treatments. I feel really positive about the future.”

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