Radiotherapy at The Clatterbridge Clinic

Radiotherapy is the use of high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. The treatment is non-invasive and delivered from outside the body by a large machine that targets a focused beam of x-rays directly at the tumour area. The procedure is completely painless, and although patients are required to remain completely still throughout, treatment takes only a few minutes each day.

At the Clatterbridge Private Clinic we have access to the latest generation of world-class radiotherapy machines, the Varian TrueBeam™.  The machine can deliver intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) that wraps the radiation tightly around the target tumour, minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

The machine also has an inbuilt imaging system which tracks the tumour’s motion during treatment so any movement can be corrected.

The pinpoint accuracy and precision of the machine also allows faster delivery of the therapy and quicker treatment times.

During treatments patients are in constant contact with the radiographer and are closely monitored by closed-circuit television systems.

Our radiographers are experienced and knowledgeable about the pre-treatment and treatment delivery processes.  They deliver a high standard of care and are focused on ensuring patients are informed and supported regarding treatment and any associated side effects.

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