Papillon Therapy

Papillon Therapy at The Clatterbridge Clinic

Papillon therapy is a groundbreaking treatment for rectal cancer. It is often recommended for patients who are either deemed unfit for the standard surgery to remove the cancer, or do not wish to be left with a colostomy.

The treatment involves first locating the cancer with an internal camera. An applicator is then placed into the rectum and low energy X-rays are delivered to within a few millimetres of the tumour. A general anaesthetic is not required. The treatment takes just over a minute to deliver and is repeated two weeks later.

Clatterbridge was the first centre in the UK to offer this treatment for bowel cancer. The technique was developed by French doctor, Professor Papillon, and introduced to the UK by Professor Myint. Professor Myint has subsequently trained generations of UK doctors in the technique and continues to treat patients at the new Papillon Centre on the Clatterbridge campus.

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