Chemotherapy at The Clatterbridge Clinic

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. The drugs disrupt the cells’ ability to grow and reproduce, and are given via an injection, drip into a vein or taken as a tablet. A typical chemotherapy treatment schedule involves an appointment every two to four weeks over a period of between four to six months.

Chemotherapy is used in many different treatment scenarios. It can be the sole treatment of some cancers or used in combination with surgery or radiotherapy for others. It can also be used to improve symptoms in advanced stages of cancer.

At the Clatterbridge Private Clinic, we offer a wide variety of supportive treatments alongside chemotherapy – from immune system-boosting injections that prevent infection, to scalp cooling to reduce the risk of hair loss.

Treatments are delivered by our specialist chemotherapy nurses in a peaceful and private chemotherapy suite, which has views of our tranquil landscaped water garden. Our nurses are experienced at dealing with patient’s concerns about treatments and side effects, and will do everything to ensure the treatment journey is as smooth as possible.

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